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Im like literally everything on the right

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photo by Elena Morelli


photo by Elena Morelli

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Today was my 2nd day at clinicals. I cant even. I mean i can, but i cant…my cna today was even worse than the one i had yesterday. Our instructor aka the the RN taught us to care for the residents so we did. All these cnas seriously care less for them. They just want to get the duties done then leave. They dont even wanna look at the residents face =.= its like..helloo.. you know these are PEOPLE. And when they say “ouch” you dont even say sorry?! Or anything?! Serioisly omg. Youre a fricking cna and youre here to CARE , not to hurt people. Im not an official cna yet i feel like i can do things more correctly than you.. srsly.  I understand yall busy and running back and forth taking care of 20 ppl but if one person asks for a favor that takes no more than 5 mins yet you cant even do it. Ugh. If i didnt get in trouble doing it alone, i would have. It hurts to say “im so sorry im a student here i cant help you by myself. A cna will come soon” .
Anyways enough of that. I gotta say so far clinicals have been great. People are so nice. Well most of them. I dont blame that old people can be cranky .. they dont have enough attention and love from these cnas. But the rest are soooo sweettt. They appreciate everything we do for them. <333 
This sounds so funny but ive never changed a babys diaper before. Being able to change an elders diaper feels like a BIG accomplishment. OH and being able to take their blood pressure and other vital signs correctly :)
Anywaysss lets hope the rest 3 days of clinicals will be great. Its exhausting but its going to be great. I know it.

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well hellloooooo

been soo so so so so long since i go on tumblr on my LAPTOP. omg.

feel like the high school time over and over again. seriously like even tho no one ever reads my sheits ..it still feels good to ramble on and on whenever i cant sleep at night

anywaysss im excited/scared for clinicals next week. 8hrs everyday for a week at a facility taking care of the elders. im scared to learn how to change diapers and giving peri care for them..i mean, ive never even changed a babys diaper before O.O but again, im going to make this a very good experience because its seriously going to prepare me for the future. swear im going to make every experience and every single thing im doing now to worth it. all for my future!

believe it or not, im kinda excited to go back to school. i actually like BC. people be saying shit like “its so high school” and its like..uh no shit thats because you spend most of your time in the cafeteria lol. im glad most of the classes im taking are full of older…really old..old.. peple LOL. but hey theyre so nice and polite. i just cant wait to get back to school beause i promise…im going to spend so much more time on school than work and everthing else! i need some structure in my life again lol.

oh, im probably gonna quit my work place soon. the enviroments getting worse and people keep on quitting. seriously the boss needs to know how to get his shit together =.= omg. probably gonna go work w ma sisss  or something eh. or maybe get a part time job as a CNA after i got my license which hopefully i’d only have to take it once. so many ppl had to take the state exam twice because it was so fricking hardd..

kkkkkk im doneeee lol goodnight tumblr world

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